Jaclyn Newberry

Hi all, my name is Jaclyn and I am a graphic designer. Over the last few years I, along with my peers, have compiled numerous projects, all with unique conceptual meanings and creative processes behind them. Some of these projects have been revisited and are now on display in our exhibition A Display of Graphic Content.

Shown below are identities, advertisements, and a packaging project that are all featured in the show.

Needlepoint Tattoos is a tattoo business identity intended to be a play on words, which unifies two distinct target groups – older generations and Millennials.


The Las Vegas Freakshow Convention is an annual event where the history of BT Barnum comes to life for modern-day society to experience the culture.


Jean Marie’s Bear Brandy was rebranded to broaden the target audience of this traditional gentlemen’s drink to reach Millennials.


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